Prestige Motorcycle Paint and dent Repairs

Dents scratches and everything between

WE ARE NOT A MECHANIC Paint and dent repairs only

Harley Davidson tank dent

Quality repairs at your home or office

Need your bike repaired, Restored or just tidied up? We’ve got you covered.
With state of the art repair equipment we can return your motorcycle to pristine condition in a timely manner and guaranteed color accuracy.
Most motorcycle manufactures these days have a candy paint option from factory which can be a challenge for most repairers to replicate, Luckily with the aid of a spectrometer and years of industry experience we guarantee all repairs will exceed your expectations.

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Why choose a mobile motorcycle repair?

With recent advances in auto body repair technology and equipment on site repair quality has never been so high, Our repairs can be completed within hours not days thanks to our ultra violet sealers and specialized equipment we guarantee all our repairs against repair sink back or other defects that may be experienced with low budget repair companies.

We can even replicate cast iron

We received a frantic phone call from the manager of one of the motorcycle dealerships we do repairs for.

During fit up on this brand new Ducati one of the technicians slipped with a screwdriver scratching the cast iron frame on the bike which had to be deliver to its new owner at 3pm.

We were able to repair and replicate the texture on the frame same day without delaying delivery.
A fantastic example of how the latest repair equipment and years of experience can save the day

Need a replacement bike while yours is in for repair? check out



Before After damaged ducatinew ducati frame repair