41v Soul Mazda Red

Anyone in our trade knows the infamous soul red by Mazda. It is one of the few factory colors in production that is a true candy paint, The color is archived by using a base color with a transparent tinted clear coat over-top to archive a nice vibrant effect, This color can be a challenge to match for even the most seasoned technician

repaired Mazda bumper

Generally a mobile bumper repair post would begin with a photo of the damage, Instead I’ll post the image of after the bumper was repaired, I bet you cant spot our repair, If it was not for the sanding dust on the driveway you’d never know this bumper was ever damaged

Not only was the bumper damaged but the fender also needed repair due to scratching and a slight dent, Our technician has matched both the factory color but paint texture and peel perfectly.

soul red paint repair
golf bumper scuff
scratched mazda bumper

And of course a few photos of before this bumper and fender was repaired by Spectrum Auto Refinishing