Mobile Bumper Repairs

This Bumper was as hole-ly as a christian rock band.

Every company that the client contacted for a quote to repair this bumper was told it simply could not be fixed and needed replacement.
Our technicians however are of unrivaled talent and had this bumper bar plastic welded,repaired and painted within 4 hours and well below our clients insurance excess 

Before After Bumper Repairsrepaired bumper
Before After Bumper bar dent repairRepaired bumper bar

Another example of our technicians ability to repair bumper bars to the highest standard.

After suffering a heavy bump to the bumper this client contacted us to have this bumper bar repaired, Our expert technician was on-site and on-time the same week and had this bumper repaired and painted within 3 hours! 

We could post a thousand photos of bumper bars that have been repaired by Spectrum Auto Refinishing.
But is it really needed?

Our expect technicians have a minimum of 7 years trade experience before being considered as an employee for one reason..
We are Brisbane’s ONLY on-site prestige repair specialist.

Our repairs are rivaled by no other mobile repair network, And that’s why our customers 9 times our of 10 are repeat customers should they need a mobile repair technician

Before After housecall doctor bumper splithousecall doctor bumper repair

Heavy Panel Repairs

HomeNo other mobile repair network turns OH $H!T into OH WOW! like we do.

With over 15 years servicing Brisbane,Gold Coast and Ipswich we have made a name for our self’s as being The big dent company

If you’ve had a bingle and our competition doesn’t want to mingle, Call us for a fast free quote.
We fix the big dents the others dont.

Before After Dent repairdent fixed
Before After dented doorrepaired door

This was a dent I’ll never soon forget..

Repaired by yours truly, This customer was quoted over $1100 to repair this door and blend color both ways as well as 5 days without a car


I had this door repaired using mostly PDR and painted within 6 hours and significantly cheaper then the panel shop had quoted 

Another one by yours truly.

Probably the largest dent I have repaired as an on-site repair to date.

When dents this bad come through our company chances are I’ll be the technician you meet

(Joshua Neads, Managing director Spectrum Auto Refinishing and trade qualified panel beater)

Using mostly my experience as a PDR technician I removed about 80% of this damage before the panel was even sanded (crazy right?!)

12 our of 10 repaired wouldn’t even attempt to repair a panel this badly distorted, But I’m a sucker for a challenge and possibly foolish also.

This dent was repaired,And painted in roughly 11 hours start to finish,And all from the comfort of the clients home.

Before After big dent repairrepaired 1/4 panel

Just your general panel repairs

Did you know we can supply,paint and fit replacement panels and parts?

This commodore had a run-in with a mechanical shop’s apprentice, Accidents happen right?

The owner of the mechanical business contacted Spectrum Auto Refinishing after hearing about us through a local dealership

We liaised with the owner of the vehicle and organised a day and time that suited the customer for the repair

Before After scuffed panelrepaired panel
Before After Motorbike tank repairrepaired bike tank

Another repair for a dealership

This time on a Harley Davidson that was a trade in on a new bike,The owner of the dealership contacted us to have the dent repaired while retaining the Harley logo on the tank.

We had to custom match this color as it was only available through PPG, A paint manufacturing company.
No problem tho we were able to match the paint perfectly and had the repair completed on time and on budget so the bike could later be sold