Bird Droppings And Paint Repair

Its that time of the year again, The air is warming,flowers beginning to bloom. You venture to your driveway ready to give your car a well deserved wash after a spirited drive the day before.

After hours of meticulous auto detailing you step back to admire your handiwork, only to notice a bird has left behind a special gift just for you… Bird droppings.

You know you cant just leave it there, But do you know why?

Bird droppings are doing real damage to your car, Lets discuss paint etching as a result of bird droppings, And exactly what its doing to your paintwork.

Bird droppings contain Uric Acid, A chemical that is corrosive enough to easily eat through your fresh wax coating or sealant but did you know that’s not what actually damages your paints surface?

For years people have had the general misconception that the acid in bird excrement is what damages your paints surface, Believe it or not, The acid has less to do with the etching to your paintwork then you think. The damage actually results from the paint lacquer cooling and contracting around the bird dropping as the sun heats the panel your paint softens and expands and at the same time the sun dries and hardens the bird dropping, then as the paint cools again overnight it contracts and molds around the texture of the bird dropping itself.


A few things to keen in mind when removing bird droppings

  • Avoid using a quick detailer (QD) spray to remove bird dropping as they contain polymers or wax that seal the acid in, rather than removing it.

  • Do not use plain water. Uric acid is nearly 100% water insoluble.

  • Do not get in a hurry. Take your time to do it correctly.

  • Remove bird droppings as soon as possible. 

If your vehicle has paint etching feel free to email through a few photos for a free assessment and plan of attack.

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