Bird Droppings And Paint Repair

Its that time of the year again, The air is warming,flowers beginning to bloom. You venture to your driveway ready to give your car a well deserved wash after a spirited drive the day before.

After hours of meticulous auto detailing you step back to admire your handiwork, only to notice a bird has left behind a special gift just for you… Bird droppings.

You know you cant just leave it there, But do you know why?

Bird droppings are doing real damage to your car, Lets discuss paint etching as a result of bird droppings, And exactly what its doing to your paintwork.

Bird droppings contain Uric Acid, A chemical that is corrosive enough to easily eat through your fresh wax coating or sealant but did you know that’s not what actually damages your paints surface?

For years people have had the general misconception that the acid in bird excrement is what damages your paints surface, Believe it or not, The acid has less to do with the etching to your paintwork then you think. The damage actually results from the paint lacquer cooling and contracting around the bird dropping as the sun heats the panel your paint softens and expands and at the same time the sun dries and hardens the bird dropping, then as the paint cools again overnight it contracts and molds around the texture of the bird dropping itself.


A few things to keen in mind when removing bird droppings

  • Avoid using a quick detailer (QD) spray to remove bird dropping as they contain polymers or wax that seal the acid in, rather than removing it.

  • Do not use plain water. Uric acid is nearly 100% water insoluble.

  • Do not get in a hurry. Take your time to do it correctly.

  • Remove bird droppings as soon as possible. 

If your vehicle has paint etching feel free to email through a few photos for a free assessment and plan of attack.

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Have you damaged your brand new bike?

Our expert technicians can replicate and match any texture or color...Even cast iron frames

Ducati Frame

During fit-up of this brand new Ducati one of the mechanics managed to slip with a screw driver and score the surface of this frame.
The owner of the dealership contacted us frantically as the bike had to be delivered to its new forever home at 3pm, We received a phone call at 10am and had a technician on-site promptly and repaired with time to spare.

Generally when you hear about tinted lights you think of tinted taillights, Did you know we can also tint your headlights?

Unlike cheap sprays or wraps our color options and shade are limited only by your imagination


Our Repairs Are

41v Soul Mazda Red

Anyone in our trade knows the infamous soul red by Mazda. It is one of the few factory colors in production that is a true candy paint, The color is archived by using a base color with a transparent tinted clear coat over-top to archive a nice vibrant effect, This color can be a challenge to match for even the most seasoned technician

repaired Mazda bumper

Generally a mobile bumper repair post would begin with a photo of the damage, Instead I’ll post the image of after the bumper was repaired, I bet you cant spot our repair, If it was not for the sanding dust on the driveway you’d never know this bumper was ever damaged

Not only was the bumper damaged but the fender also needed repair due to scratching and a slight dent, Our technician has matched both the factory color but paint texture and peel perfectly.

soul red paint repair
golf bumper scuff
scratched mazda bumper

And of course a few photos of before this bumper and fender was repaired by Spectrum Auto Refinishing

Servicing Brisbane and Gold Coast over a decade for scratch and dent repair

Our mobile repair vans provide Brisbane and Gold Coast clients with an affordable,convenient repair alternative to traditional autobody repair shops.

All our technicians have a minimum of 10 years trade experience and are fully qualified to undergo all forms of autobody repair, Equipped with the latest in repair technology our vans are a body shop on wheels ready to take on even the toughest of dent repairs 

Before After big dent repairrepaired 1/4 panel

Typically when you think, Mobile paint repair or touch up you assume with us you may be limited to bumper repairs.

With Spectrum Auto Refinishing that is simply not the case, Our tradesman are qualified panel beaters with extensive spray painting experience.

We are the one stop autobody repair ‘shop’

Before After dented doorrepaired door

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Why choose Spectrum Autp Refinishing for your mobile dent repair?

  1. We use CromaxPro the industry leader in automotive paint
  2. Colour matching by our Innovative Spectrometer, accurate to 99% and color formulas are updated online daily 
  3. Our technicians are trade qualified 
  4. All repairs are guaranteed
  5. We’re fast,convenient and environmentally friendly with our compliant waterborne paint system  
Before After scuffed panelrepaired panel
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We repaired this Toyota hilux for one of our fleet customers this week

Before After hilux dentrepaired hilux

Its starting to feel like if you ever dent your Ute, This is the exact spot it happens

Before After door dingBT-50 door

Small door dings like these are bound to drive anybody crazy

The owner of this Mazda Bt-50 gave us pre warning he is a fastidious owner and this ute was his pride and joy.

Making sure to take our time on this repair to archive a high quality repair, Our efforts certainly paid off with an outstanding result,You’d never even know the door was dented.

In this repair we used Cromax UV-le ultraviolet primer to seal our repair
CromaxPro waterborne base coat for our color
And Cromax 7800ge clear coat for a fast curing premium quality gloss

door ding
ultraviolet primer
BT-50 door
Mazda's Repaired

Our mobile repair service is not only affordable,But reliable.

Did you know we back all our repairs with a 5 year warranty? If you’re serious about quality we’re the company to speak too. We can supply paint and fit any part including bull bars, wheel flares and aftermarket body accessories.

Give us a call 1300 MRDENT

Hrs in this repair
repaired bumper

For roughly 3 years now we have been keeping this little golfs bumper pristine

Unfortunately it seems to be cursed with the car park blues..
Over the last 3 years we have repaired this same bumper corner 4 times now, This time it was due to someone backing into the clients car, And off course no note was left